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Lightweight stowable seat for motorcycle passengers

BUTTYBUDDY, This lightweight stowable seat provides a convenient inexpensive solution for women suffering posterior and back and pain that is always associated with riding on small poorly shaped seats.

The Butty-Buddy motorcycle seat company has patented an ergonomic seating concept, which in a matter of seconds, retrofits over small preexisting motorcycle passenger pillions. Studies have shown that proper size and support are essential for long term riding comfort. Adequate width and support for passengers has previously been limited to large, top of the line cruisers. For everyone else, the quest for comfort has always required purchasing an aftermarket replacement seat. These name-brand seats can be very expensive. Unfortunately, like the seats on new motorcycles, their designs also require enough eye appeal to sell well, so more often than not, they also fall short of adequate size and shape to provide extended riding pleasure.

In today’s world, motorcycling just may be the most common thread that connects Y-gens and Boomers. It is a mutual admiration society that fuels a multibillion-dollar market for the dream machines and all the accessories that go with them! They cruise and rally together worldwide on approximately 200 million motorcycles, that’s 33 motorcycles per 1000 people on the planet! Modern motorcycle styling gravitates toward a cleaner, more streamlined look. While this trend is indeed aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it poses a serious problem… passenger seats that are driven more by appearance instead of function will continue getting smaller and less adequate for distance riding. Motorcycle passengers riding on narrow or poorly shaped seats will soon begin shifting their weight to relieve the pain and discomfort in the area of their ischail tuberosites (butt bones) and coccyx (tail bone). It has increasingly become a very real problem which can even have medical ramifications.

Necessity is once again the mother of invention! “It was always obvious that when gals rode on back of the best looking bikes that there was a real problem” said inventor Bob Goin in an interview, “there is nothing fun or relaxing about riding in pain, but at the same time, my passion was building and riding custom bikes, the only thing my friends and I would be seen riding on. The last thing you want on a nice clean ride is a big ugly seat… you might just as well have saved all the money you spent on chrome and paint!”

Much too often, Bob would find himself riding his favorite ‘Bad Boy’ custom all alone because, you guessed it, it had one of those small rear seats! Having been a motorcycle rider since the sixties, Bob was well acquainted with passenger misery. “More than once I have seen ladies literally crying from the pain, and often refusing to get back on the bike” commented Bob, “I have even experienced girls looking for a pay phone to call someone to come pick them up in a car!

Having been awarded a number of patents in his previous motorcycle related business of thirty years, Bob had off and on been sketching around with some kind of solution to this passenger seat problem. Then one day while on a 60 mile Toy Run (while riding alone again), Bob observed several girls riding on sofa cushions and folded jackets stuffed under their hineys. “This was a big no brainer to me” Bob commented, “There must be a zillion hard headed custom freaks just like me out there and I’ve got to come up with some kind of comfort deal back there for our girls!” That was a defining moment for Bob, and within a week, he was hard at work on a quest to breathe life into his idea.

That was in the spring of 2000 and a few gel pads were beginning to surface on the market. The pads felt good to the touch, but in reality they could only add some ineffective mush to seats that were simply too narrow and shaped wrong. Bob recognized that the only solution to alleviate the painful problem would require distributing the passenger’s weight out over a larger area, thus minimizing weight and pressure centered at the tailbone. The ideal seat that Bob envisioned would have to be universal enough to retrofit the vast majority of existing motorcycle pillions, and versatile enough to include bare fender applications on choppers and solos.

Another challenge with a big 13&½ inch wide seat would be what to so with it while the bike is parked…and of course, looking all cool and bad! He envisioned a portable, on-demand seat driven totally by form and function, with no emphasis on looks. A couple of more years of engineering yielded an ergonomically correct, three piece snap-together design molded from a near indestructible light weight composite. All those design challenges and details were finally coming together. After researching the most advanced state-of-the-art padding, Bob chose the new Closed Cell technology for the cushions. The design and function of the ButtyBuddy seat was so revolutionary, it was awarded a United States patent in 2002. After a couple more years of tooling, road testing and prototype refinement, the ButtyBuddy seat finally made it to market in August of 2007 and the rest is history. In less than three years, the ButtyBuddy seat has achieved worldwide brand recognition, with sales in more than 25 countries around the world.

March 18, 2013

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