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Viking swing-arm bag – Perfect size for the few essentials.

The Viking swing-arm bag for Harely-Davidson Softails is the perfect size for the essentials on short trips. I was not interested in full saddlebags for my Fat Boy, for short runs. I found this swingarm bag to be perfect to store a few small things, such as my wet weather gear, tire pressure gauge, emergency kit, and bottle of water. Occasionally, I use it to carry a few tiny goods from a shopping trip, or to haul a sandwich and chips for a bite while on the road.

Each bag is hand-fabricated. The standard left-side Viking swingarm bag comes with everything needed including the bag straps, which allow the bag to quickly be secured directly to the swingarm.

Almost a five-star, though for me, it's a four-star. One recommendation for an upgrade would be to add a locking mechanism to the two belt clips. Back to the locking mechanism, it'd be nice to leave a few low to moderate valuable documents (ex. registration) and personal items. Nevertheless the bag is extremely handy with that touch of old school cool in a practical way.

Overall, it is a sweet, slim, old school look. It's relatively easy to get on and off with the four nylon loops which clip the bag to the bike, and the off-and-on becomes faster after the first few times.

Leather protection is a good idea, to keep the bag looking new and weather proof. While I’ve ridden with it on the bike in some inclement weather, there was never any sign of moisture inside the bag, however I still put my valuables in a small waterproof bag for additional security.

It also has a matching strap if one would like to use it as a small carrying case over the shoulder after a ride, though it'd be interesting if there'd be a demand for it.

In conclusion, I can only assume that like me once you’ve put one on your bike and used a few times you’ll discover how handy it is and inevitably leave it on.

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October 26, 2016

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