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How to fix a Flat Motorcycle Tyre with a Tyre Plug Kit.

Repairing a punctured or flat motorcycle tyre out on the road with a tire plug is the easiest and fastest way to make the tire usable again, it takes only a few minutes to perform. A tyre repair kit comes in handy when you are many kilometers from a service station. Plugging the punctured tire will get the motorcycle operable again and let you reach a service station or dealership where it can be properly repaired. It sure beats sitting on the side of the road for hours waiting to be picked up.

Step 1 - Determine Where the Puncture Is
The first thing to do is to determine the source of the air leak. Depending on where the foreign object is (Nail/Screw) you will most likely be able to carry out the repair without removing the wheel. 

Step 2 - Prepare the Tire Repair Kit
Your tyre repair kit should come with the following: tire plugs, sealant, T-bar rasp (reaming tool) and T-bar plug inserter. Make sure you have everything handy so you complete the job without a fuss. With the other T-bar tool, the plug inserter, prepare a tire plug. Wad up one tire plug and fit it into the clamp ends of the inserter tool. Some older style plugs will require a coating of rubber tire sealant, which should normally come in the tire repair kit. If required squeeze an amount over the tire plug. You want the sticky glue to cover the plug.

Step 3 - Remove the Foreign Object
With the pliers, remove the foreign object that caused the puncture.

Step 4 - Clean the Hole
Insert the T-bar rasp (reaming tool) into the puncture hole and clean it out. This tool brushes away any excess debris and, at the same time, widens the puncture adequately so the plug will fit.

Step 5 - Prepare the Plug and Insert It
Insert the plug into the puncture hole. To remove the inserter tool, twist it to free its clamp from the plug. The tool should pull out without taking the plug with it.

Step 6 - Prepare the Plug and Insert It
Use pliers or the supplied knife to snip off the end of the plug still sticking out of the tire, leaving about 1/8 of an inch of plug still visible.

Step 7 - Reinflate the Tyre
Take your tyre inflator/compressor and attach it to the valve stem of the newly plugged tire. Tyre inflators usually run off a 12-volt battery, and depending on the model, it may take a few minutes to fully inflate the tire.
Now that your tyre is plugged, you can continue on your ride. It’s a good idea, though, to get the motorcycle in to a service station or dealership so a qualified technician can inspect the tyre to ensure it is safe. Tire plugs are not meant to be permanent solutions.

Remember, don’t get stuck somewhere without the proper tools.

Tips & Warnings
Plugs cannot be used to repair punctures in the sidewall of a tire. Holes larger than the repair tools cannot be repaired with a plug and should be inspected by a mechanic to determine if they are repairable.
Tire plugs are not intended to be permanent repairs. Tires repaired with plugs should always be taken to a professional to be inspected.

July 17, 2014

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