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Stop Flat Tyres Before They Stop You

As tested in Rider Magazine! They put 9 holes in their tyres ..... and kept on riding!

“Unlike aerosol roadside repairs and even slime, the popular sealant favored by bicyclists and off-road riders, Ride-On’s chemicals do not adversely affect aluminum rims. This is worth considering. Over 5,000 miles and a variety of driving conditions, I found no discernible effect – positive or negative – upon wheel balance or any other area of performance .... just a giant gain in a tire’s ability to hold air in the presence of sharp metal objects.” Larry Brodsky – Contributing Editor, Rider Magazine

Not Another Tyre Sealant .......
Tyre sealants are old business – they have been on the market for more than 50 years. Although many of the sealants available on the market do a decent job of sealing punctures, they can occasionally create more problems than they solve. Some tyre sealants have been known to cause corrosion, balancing problems, and damage to the inner liners of tyres. Many sealants also leave residues that are difficult to clean out, and thus prevent patches and plugs from properly adhering to tyres.

Inovex Industries, Inc. has earned its reputation by providing the world’s most advanced tyre sealing solutions to commercial and professional fleets. Ride-On TPS is currently used by more than 60 municipalities, cities, counties, and government agencies and more than 350 commercial firms located in over 39 states and 9 countries. Ride-On TPS is also used in more than 4,000 police
vehicles and motorcycles. These fleets have purchased and depend on the Ride-On TPS products to protect their fleet and ensure that their vehicle downtime is kept at a minimum.

How Does Ride-On Work?
While you ride, a protective layer of Ride-On TPS - a tyre sealant containing fibers six times stronger than steel – evenly coats the inner surface of your tyre. If your tyre is punctured, the centrifugal force of the rotating tyre and the internal air pressure force Ride-On into the hole, sealing it virtually instantly.

With Ride-On TPS tyre sealant, your tyre literally fixes itself! And since it stops slow leaks the moment they start, your tyres always stay properly inflated. Your tyres last longer, your bike handles better, your fuel economy improves, and you ride more safely.

Ride-On is designed to seal punctures from objects up to 1/8” in diameter in the tread area of your tyre. Due to a tyre’s inner curvature, Ride-On will not seal sidewall damage, or damage near the shoulder of the tyre (the outside 1-1.5” of the tyre tread). If a tyre has a cut, impact break, bruise, bulge, snag, or sidewall damage, take the tyre out of service and have it inspected by a professional tyre care specialist.

Works in Tube and Tubeless Tyres
Ride-On TPS will eliminate 85-95% of your flats in tubeless tyres from objects up to 1/4" (1/8” for tube tires) that penetrate the contact area of your tire. Ride-On’s efficiency in tube tyres is reduced to 55-65% since puncturing objects often tear the tube. It is impossible for a tyre sealant to seal a tear. It is vital to remove the puncturing object immediately from a tyre containing a tube to prevent further damage that can result in tearing the tube.

Repair Versus Replacement?
Our company takes the position that any repair in a motorcycle tyre should be treated as a temporary repair. We recommend that as soon as possible after finding an object in your tire, you have the tyre inspected by a professional. If the recommendation is for fixing the puncture or replacing the tire, then you should do so. Ride-On will not interfere with the application of conventional tire
plug and patch repairs, and can easily be washed out of tyres with water.

Balancing and Ride and Stability Issues
The product manufactured by our leading competitor was originally designed for use in bicycle tires, and according to their website is “not intended for speeds in excess of 75 mph”. Ride-On is designed to actually help hydrodynamically balance tyres at highway speeds. Once installed in a tyre, it will actually act to dampen vibrations for the life of a tyre so you do not need periodic rebalancing.

Although we don’t condone speeding, our dealers and customers comment that their bikes actually run smoother at speeds as high as 150 mph. Ride-On should be installed in tyres and wheels that have been professionally mounted and
balanced. Once installed, you should not try to rebalance a tyre containing Ride-On – just let it do what it is formulated to do!

What Should You Do if You Find a Nail or a Screw in Your Tire?
Inspect your tyres regularly for perforating objects or other damage. Look for and remove any stones, bits of glass, metal, or other foreign objects wedged in the tread – these may work their way deeper into the tyre and eventually cause a puncture. Also check your tyres closely for signs of uneven wear patterns. Uneven wear may be caused by improper inflation, misalignment, tyre imbalance, or damaged suspension parts. If the cause of the uneven wear is not corrected, further tyre damage will occur. Certain uneven wear patterns may also indicate that the tyre has suffered internal or structural damage; such damage requires immediate attention from a professional tyre care specialist.

If you notice that an object has punctured your tyre tread, drive your bike for 3-5 miles to warm up the tires. Remove the puncturing object and immediately drive your motorcycle for 2-3 miles, so that Ride-On can work its way into and seal the puncture. Although Ride-On is effective from -40°F to 250°F, please note that it works best once your tyres have warmed up. For maximum safety, have a tyre professional inspect (and if necessary, repair or replace) your tyre as soon as possible after a puncture. Ride-On will not interfere with the application of conventional tyre plug and patch repairs, and can easily be washed out of tyres with water.
You may be wondering why you need to remove puncturing objects from your tyre tread, given that Ride-On forms an effective seal around such objects. The reason is that if an object is left in the tire, it will shift as the tyre rotates, eventually creating a larger hole and causing further damage to the tyre or tube. Please note that if an object has been in the tyre for a long time, it may take some
time for the puncture cavity to close. (This is because rubber has “memory,” which causes it to conform to the shape of the puncturing object.) In this case, the tyre may temporarily lose some air until it is sealed. Note also that if the puncturing object is a screw, you must unscrew it - yanking or pulling the screw will tear the rubber and possibly the steel belts.

Will Ride-On Harm My Wheels or Tyres?

Ride-On is designed to be non-hazardous and non-flammable, and contains corrosion inhibitors that protect all alloys of steel, aluminum, magnesium, and yellow metals against oxidation. Although some of our competitors’ products have been documented as causing corrosion, Ride-On enjoys a reputation for being completely compatible with all types of wheels and tires. Ride-On is currently sold by six of the nation’s ten largest commercial tyre dealers. They install our products into the tyres of their commercial customers, who demand that the products not harm their aluminum or steel wheels. As their tyres can last upwards of 250,000 miles, the fact that Ride-On is designed to not harm tyre ply materials or cause loss of adhesion strength helps those customers retain tyres for the fullest life possible. Letters from manufacturers such as Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone/Firestone, Continental, Yokohama, and Toyo that indicate that the use of our products do not automatically void their warranties also bears witness to our = success in creating a product that does not cause harm to tyres or wheels.

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