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DORAN 360M tyre pressure monitoring system

The DORAN 360M is a full-time direct tyre pressure monitoring system, which includes one monitor and two sensors. The system is a tire pressure monitoring system that displays tyre pressure. It is not designed to provide warning of a potential or actual tire blowout.

The sensor is screwed on the valve stem either internally or externally to sense the pressure of the tyre and transmit the data to the monitor through Radio Frequency ( RF ) technology. After the monitor receives the data it will be displayed on the screen. The monitor will issue different alarms based on the programmed pressures. When used properly, the DORAN 360M will inform
the rider of the tyre pressures on the vehicle to provide the operator an opportunity to make any necessary adjustments to the air pressure before a serious problem occurs. Because the system uses RF technology and interference could occur with the RF transmission, no guarantee of signal reception can be made. However, when a signal is received, the system will provide an alert of
low pressure.

How does the system work?
Wireless tyre pressure sensors are installed on the ends of the existing
valve stems or inside the tyre/rim and continuously send tyre pressure
data via radio frequency signals to a monitor that can be mounted
almost anywhere on the bike.

Can I program the monitor to my specific baseline tyre pressures?
Yes, each tyre location can be programmed to a specific baseline tyre
pressure using the laser-etched identification number on each sensor. Low
pressure alerts occur when tyre pressure drops 12.5% and 25% below
the programmed baseline pressure. In addition, a Fast Leak™alarm (patent
pending) will activate visual and audible signals when a tyre pressure
drops 19.31 Kpa (2.8psi) in less than 12 seconds.

How large are the wireless tyre pressure sensors?
The tyre pressure sensors are approximately 2 5 . 4 mm ( 1") in diameter
and are just under 25.4mm (1") tall and extend 19mm (0.75") above
the valve stem when installed and weigh just under 14.2 grams

How long do the tyre pressure sensors last?
The tyre pressure sensors are powered by a lithium ion battery which
lasts approximately 3-4 years. Replacement sensors are also available
from Doran.

Is the Monitor/Display Waterproof ?
Yes. The Monitor/Display is waterproof and weatherproof.

Where can the monitor/display be mounted?
The monitor/display can be mounted almost anywhere on the bike
(handlebars, near the instrument panel, on the frame, under the seat,
etc) with simple two-wire 12-volt installation.

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September 21, 2011 | Posted in: Accessories

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