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Ned Kelly’s Run – Kelly Country Ride.

In this week’s Gone Touring’s detour adventure we check out the countryside where the infamous bushrangers Ned Kelly and Harry Power roamed. The scenery is simply stunning and the riding is absolutely awesome with plenty of twists and turns. The route is roughly 200 kms and takes about four hours which includes a couple of drink stops along the way.

We start our journey in the northeast Victorian town of Benalla that’s famous for is its roses and annual rose festival and head east for 65 kilometers to the farming town of Mansfield.

A quick word of caution here too, it pays to fuel your bike in Mansfield, as there are limited fueling opportunities along the route.

We take the C521 road to Tolmie, and thankfully its well signposted too. There’s a generous straight stretch of road leaving Mansfiled then the swift flowing corners commence as soon as the roads begins to climb its way to Tolmie.

The route is well signposted with plenty of warning signs for motorcyclists when the corners tighten up too.

In what seams like no time at all we arrive in Tolmie. The general store has been closed for some time now, but the Tolmie Tavern's is open and they serve a nice cold beer too.

We’d been told they serve generous hearty meals too, but with the promise of more great riding ahead we wasted little time before getting back on the bikes and hitting the bends.

In fact one person told us, their wine selection is good with plenty of local King Valley varieties and the food is Old Fashion Country Cooking at its BEST... They recommend the Rib-Eye as it is one serious piece of meat cooked to perfection with either salad or vegetables it is a feast to behold. Meantime Chicken Parmigiana is second to none and this chap reckoned he has eaten his fair share around Australia too. And to he highly recommends it is one place that every visitor to the Victorian High Country should put on his or her itinerary.

Meanwhile the Victorian government has spent money improving routes like this for motorcyclists and in our option its been money well spent. Vicroads have some comprehensive information on their Blackpsot program available on their website, “Arrive Alive” if you need to know more.

From the top of Whitlands you get a great view of the King Valley below and its here you can turn off down the gravel road to the bushranger Harry Power’s hide out, that’s now known as Power’s Lookout.

At the base of the mountain is the sleepy town of Whitfield, and if you are there on a Monday, like we were, then you’ll find that the pub and general store will be closed… But there are ample wineries to visit on the route to Glenrowan.

Down in the valley the road snakes its way past tall timbers before opening up to rich farmland. The King river is popular spot with the fly-fisherman.

And finally we stopped at Glenrowan that’s famous for the outlaw Ned Kelly’s last stand, there is plenty of Kelly memorabilia in the local pub and surrounding gift shops that all cash in Ned’s handy work.

Overall, this is great ride.

December 01, 2011 | Posted in: On Road Tours, Victoria