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Woodford to Beerwah

This short tour commences at Caboolture, half an hour or so north of Brisbane’s CBD and is a great afternoon run, although you could spend a full day if you stop off investigating the offers of the quaint little towns.
Our preferred direction is to head west out of Caboolture on the D'Aguilar Highway where the road meanders leisurely past large acreage properties, the speed limit varies from 60 to 80 kph and is heavily policed with speed cameras. 
Once out of town there is a short exciting windy climb up into the tiny town of D'Aguilar with its quaint general store and typical Queenslander style pub. 

Ten minutes or so up the road, you arrive in Woodford, a town that was originally built around the timber industry. However over the years local producers have diversified into both traditional and exotic forms of farming. Today it is not uncommon to find dairy and beef herds grazing with emus, ostriches and alpacas, while pineapples, grapes, herbs and bananas grow alongside crayfish ponds.
Woodford is also a town where cottage industries thrive and add to the town's charm. For many years the town has attracted tens of thousands of visitors over the summer months to their annual Folk Festival. The festival, which runs from December 27 to January 1 and boasts more than 3000 performers who strut their stuff in up to 400 acts spread through 25 venues.
Meanwhile visitors to the festival can also catch up on some steam history at the Australian Narrow Gauge Railway Society's museum which operates the Durundur Railway during the folk celebration and on most Sundays.

Woodford also has a wide selection of eateries to cater to the hungry traveller.

Once through Woodford it's a short run to the right hand turn onto the Kilcoy-Beerwah road, some maps show this as Peachester-Beerwah road. 

Nevertheless, the ride here starts gently before it turns exciting with a nice hill climb with plenty of twists and turns. There's not much at Pechester other than a small general store with an adjacent picnic area and clean public toilets.

Now heading east out of Pechester the road winds its way down to Beerwah which lies just outside the national parks off the hinterland road and parallels the Bruce Highway. The parks, of course, are a major attraction. However, if you fancy meeting some of the local wildlife, drop in on Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo for close encounters with tortoises, kangaroos, snakes - including a giant python - and of course crocodiles.
Heading south now along the Steve Irwin Way (formally the Glasshouse Mountains Way) the road runs relatively straight and parallel to the Bruce Highway.  It's well worth turning right into Beerburrum and detouring the few minutes up to the Glasshouse Mountains lookout.  The lookout affords spectacular panoramas in all directions.

This tour is approximately 100 kms including the short run up to the Glasshouse Mountains lookout and there are plenty services stations for fuel on this route. 

September 02, 2011 | Posted in: On Road Tours, Queensland