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BMW Motorrad GS Safari. The Great Divide Explored.

The 2012 BMW GS Safari was a brilliant success with 170 BMW riders traversing the magnificent back and off-road scenery that feature on The Great Dividing Range. Between Ballina and Foster on the NSW coast, the Safari riders got to sample some of the best Adventure roads Australia can offer.

Two days prior to the kick-off, forty riders availed themselves of the opportunity to brush up on their Adventure riding skills at the pre GS Safari Off Road Training Course at Yamba. This extra training proved invaluable in the coming week as rider's skills and confidence reached new heights.

After setting out from Ballina, the first couple of days provided an array of terrain to explore, mixed with occasional showers and even hail to keep the 'Safari-ists' on their toes. The showers kept the dust to a minimum as the sun came out as riders headed down the Old Kempsey Road to bask in the sun at the idyllic Georges Creek. It is places off the beaten track, like Georges Creek, that realise the benefits of owning a BMW GS.

Heading to Port Macquarie an optional "difficult section" was available to riders who wanted to challenge themselves further. The first short sand section was deep and rutted and after a few riders got through cleanly, others found it more challenging. There were a few sandy sections mixed in with undulating double track that kept riders honest. The tough day ended on the beach where riders got to watch a spectacular demonstration of riding in sand by BMW Motorrad marketing manager Miles Davis and listen to tips and advice on how to try and master the mysteries of sand riding.

On the penultimate day there was the 'GS Challenge' where riders were put through nine varied skills tests at the Port Macquarie MX track. The increased confidence and ability of all the riders had grown far above their expectations. The day ended at Port Macquarie for dinner where Rock Motorcycles unveiled the brand new F 700 GS and F 800 GS.

The final day of any BMW GS Safari is always mixed with sadness that it is over but also with a deal of satisfaction at having pushed and achieved the goal of riding a GS through some of the most magnificent roads and scenery in Australia with like minded GS riders. As riders enjoyed the final dinner they set their minds to what the next ride would be and looked forward to the next BMW GS Safari.

The mix of participants is extraordinary, some on their first off road adventure, others are ex-pro riders. The youngest a 19 y/o girl riding with her father and the oldest being 72 years young and riding with his son in law. But out on the trails they are all joined by the joy of riding their bikes through incredible scenery and terrain. That is the why the GS Safari is such a popular event.

General Manager BMW Motorrad, Australia and New Zealand, Tony Sesto, enjoyed his time on the BMW GS Safari.

'Magnificent scenery from behind the 'bars of a BMW GS motorcycle and far from the normal day to day work schedule. The BMW GS Safari is a brilliant event, every GS rider should do it at least once, or every time as some do," said Tony.

October 05, 2012 | Posted in: On Road Tours, Off Road Tours, New South Wales, New South Wales