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Tahune Forest Airwalk

The 75km drive from Hobart to the Tahune Airwalk on Arve Road, Geeveston is certainly picturesque and today it took us a little over an hour and a half to wind our way from our motel at Constitution Dock in the centre of Hobart to the Tahune Airwalk carpark in the heart of the Southern Forest.

The main feature is the Tahune Forest AirWalk
which is a 597 meter walk amongst the trees which gets you 20m above the ground. The highlight is the cantilever that is 48 meters above the river level, providing fantastic views of the forests and the junction of the Picton and Huon Rivers. There are several other walks as well including the swinging bridges trek.

First stop is the Swinging Bridges along McKay’s track. After about a 20-minute walk, I reached the first bridge. This one spans about 50 meters across the Picton River, and is quite amazing to walk over with the river rushing underneath me. There is a bit of history behind the bridge, and while I won’t go into too much detail, it does replace a similar bridge, which got washed away in the floods about 40 years ago. Don’t worry though; it is perfectly safe with a good distance between you and the water!

After safely making it across, it was just a quick stroll to the next bridge. This one is a bit more impressive as it is longer than the last, and the Huon River is a bit wilder with a few rapids underneath as it flows through some rocks.

A thirty-minute walk through the lush rainforest, takes you to the base of the Tahune AirWalk, which is the major attraction of this area. There are a few steps, but the AirWalk itself is a ramp, which is nice after the hike from the bridges.

The AirWalk boast a cantilever, suspended 48m above the forest floor. This in itself is pretty exciting – lucky I’m not scared of heights! However, the view from up here is simply amazing. Looking directly out, there are the Hartz Mountains, and below them is the joining of the Huon and Picton Rivers. For whatever ever reason, I was the only one on the air walk that morning and I spent some time enjoying the panoramic views and serenity on the cantilever.

Then it was onto another walk, this time the Huon Pine trail. This is a loop walk, which is good because you don’t have to come back the same way. It takes about 20 minutes, so it’s only short, but it is interesting because it shows you the lifecycle of Huon Pine that are native to the area. Some are huge, and are as old as 2000 years!

There are other species in this forest as well, including man ferns that really stand out due to their lush, green colouring; sassafras; celery top; and flowering leatherwood. Signs along the walk tell you a few facts about the trees, and how they are used to make some of the items we use every day, such as furniture. The walk ends alongside the river, and it’s just a short walk back to the visitors centre.

The visitors’ centre is well equipped with toilets and a cafe for refreshments after all that walking. Alternatively, there are BBQ facilities, both gas and wood fuelled if that is more your style. Then it’s a leisurely drive back along the Huon Highway towards Hobart. It was definitely a great day out, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys getting out into nature and exploring at their own pace.

For more info on the AirWalk visit www.adventureforests.com.au

Admission Fees: Adults - $25.00

Children - $12.50 (5-16 years old)

Family $50.00
Student & Senior Cards $22.50

Ph: 1300 720 507

GPS Coordinates :
LAT : 43° 5'42.34"S
LON : 146°43'47.00"E

December 21, 2012 | Posted in: On Road Tours, Tasmania