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Mingela Pub Ride

The Mingela pub is one of a few true Australian biker pubs and is famous for its Sunday lunches. It is located approximately 90 kilometres west of Townsville along the Flinders highway and it’s roughly an hour’s ride.

The Flinders Highway (A6) is also known as the Overlander's Way. Even though the road runs virtually straight, there are a number of sweeping bends to keep the rider interested. We were told that police often set up radar traps to catch riders who enjoy opening their throttle up on these long straights.

Lunch at the Mingela Pub is $5 to riders who purchase a drink. The meal has a wide selection of roasts meats, vegies and curries. It pays to get there early as parking and seating is at a premium.

There is little at Mingela other than the pub, however the aging weathered buildings nearby make for great photo opportunities.

After a lunch, riders can head further west to Charters Towers, south to Ravenswood or return to Townsville.

One landmark worth a look is the flood heights at the Macrossan Bridge crossing the Burdekin River, a ten minute ride further west. The bridge was constructed in 1971 at the height of 13.4 meters above the stream bridge. The highest mark was recorded in 1946 at 21.79 meters meantime recently the 2009 flood peaked at 20.75 meters.

September 20, 2011 | Posted in: On Road Tours, Queensland