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An Introduction to Our Back Yard.

Northeast Tasmania offers some of the finest motorcycle riding anyone could wish for, be it on road or off road, it’s simply awesome and that’s probably why we live there.

In this short ride, we’re going to venture into what we call our back yard, which takes, in most of the state forests in the northeast of the state. It’s provides a diverse range of trails, conditions and spectacular scenery.

Today we’re going to head up to the Star of Peace with Tommy on his big-bore DRZ400E (its had a bit of work done to the engine) and enjoy some spectacular views, then drop down into the old historic Welborough Pub for lunch and head home via the Mutual River trail.

There are simply so many tracks that you can do this ride a couple of times and arrive at the same destination all the while traveling on different trails.

The panoramic view from the Star of Peace is spectacular and on clear day you can see as far as the north coastline and to the east coastline towards St Helens. To the west you can see the magnificent Mt Barra and Ben Lomond. Over the next few months we’ll be adding some great rides along with detailed maps of some of our favourite trails around the north east of Tassie that is our backyard.

For those interested in the dirt bike specs, Tommy’s DRZ400E, was purchased new from Scottsdale Suzuki and has a big bore 440 barrel with larger jets in the carby, a hi-flow Uni-filter air-cleaner and a performance FMF exhaust. Needless to say it’s pretty nimble climbing the steep hills around the northeast and it has nice deep throaty note as well. The Snyapse sticker kit and matching seat cover came from XGX Racing in the USA.

September 22, 2011 | Posted in: Off Road Tours, Tasmania