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Caboolture to Warwick (Part 1 - Caboolture to Tasmania)

This is part one of the journey I made from Queensland to Tasmania in 2010. I had to stay in motels as there was no room on my bike for my tent and sleeping gear. Hopefully the next motorbike trip I take I will have room for the camping gear. This trip started as an abstract exercise seeing how many of the top 100 rides in Australia I could connect together going from Caboolture to Tasmania. Due to time constraints I had to miss a couple. However this gives me an excuse to go back.

I departed Caboolture at 11:30AM. I intended to leave earlier but due to other commitments hadn't packed my bags yet. I made a brief stop at the Morayfield Shopping Centre to say good bye to my sister. I rode around the back of the Shopping Centre trying to get under the train tracks to get to the highway however the road was flooded. After a quick detour I was on the Bruce Highway headed south.

Though the morning was fine the afternoon was rainy. This didn't mater to much however. I have a philosophy that if you wait for the weather you will always be waiting. So I continued to ride anyway.

I left the highway at Carseldine and headed to Albany Creek. I put fuel in the bike and headed down the Jinker Track to Samford. From Samford I went to Mt Glorious. The Mount Glorious Road is one of the best riding roads in Queensland. I had pancakes at the Maiala Restaurant on top of the mountain and then headed to Fernvale.

When I arrived in Fernvale my geographical knowledge failed me and I needed to look at a map for my next move. This took me past Gatton and into Toowoomba. On the way into Toowoomba I was stuck in stop start trafic because someone was transporting a wide load that took up both lanes of the Warrego Highway.

I stopped in Toowoomba to stretch my legs and make use of the facilities. By this time I was soaked through and it was still raining. I rode to the roadhouse on the Cunningham Highway near Warwick. I ate some chicken soup because I was cold and wet. After filling the bike up (a whopping 9L for 240km) I road to the City View Motel, which my Dad was kind enough to book for me while I was eating. I was able to have a warm shower here and hang up my wet clothes.

I retired for an early night as there was more inclement weather forecast for the next day.

Words and Photos by Jakob Shanks

September 25, 2011 | Posted in: On Road Tours, Queensland