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Warwick to Tamworth (Part 2 - Caboolture to Tasmania)

I left the City View Motel in Warwick at 08:30AM on 2nd March 2010. I rode my Kawasaki GPX250R south along the New England Highway to Stanthrope. I had hotcakes for breakfast at the McDonnalds in Stanthorpe. I also had a hot chocolate from the Caltex Servo in the same building. On the way I noticed a sign that said "Wind Gusts next 9km" I was slightly worried by the sign. In spite of my worry I was still surprised about how strong the gusts that hit me were. They almost laid the bike over. 

I continued south towards Tenterfield. I stopped at Wallangarra to take a picture of the New South Wales border. There was cold wind and rain the whole way. The wind was quite strong too. My clothes were wet from the night before. I didn't bother trying to dry them as I new they would get wet again today. I thought my boot was full of water but it turned out just to be a soaking sock.

I stopped again at Glen Innes. I had Bacon and Eggs for lunch and another hot chocolate. The thermometer on my watch normally reads 27deg. When I arrived at Glen Innes Road House it read 20deg. I was also shivering severely. My limited knowledge of exposure to the elements says that so long as you are shivering you have a fighting chance. If you are shivering your body is keeping your core temperature at an acceptable level. My job was to ensure it had enough hot food and drink to keep shivering. With this theory I had Bacon, Eggs and Toast and a hot chocolate. Before leaving Glen Innes I rung out my socks and Gloves. 

I stopped again at Guyra. I purchased fuel for the bike and some hot chips and another hot chocolate for me, keeping with my theory about fuel for shivering. After Guyra I was ahead of the rain. My clothes didn't dry out however they were considerably less wet by the time I reach my next stop.

In Tamworth I stayed at the Town and Country Motor Inn. After I had unloaded my bike and had a shower I ordered dinner and breakfast and asked to use the laundry. I washed my dirty clothes and dried my coat, boots and gloves. I ate a fantastic meal cooked by the hosts. 

My Telstra Bigpond Wireless Broadband refused to work for me at the motel. This annoyed me be because the modem and phone both had full signal. I tried to contact Bigpond Technical Support but after 15 minutes of hold music I terminated the call. The internet on my Telstra Mobile worked perfectly, go figure. 

I spent most of the night using the hair dryer to dry my coat and boots. I had to keep giving the dryer breaks as I was afraid of over heating it.

My GPS didn't work during this leg of the trip. However the camera did. 

Words and Photos by Jakob Shanks

October 17, 2011 | Posted in: On Road Tours, Queensland, New South Wales